Animal Population Control Low-Income Program

The Department of Agriculture Animal Population Program

*Effective December 23, 2021, the Connecticut Animal Population Control Program (APCP) will not be accepting Low-Income Pet Sterilization Applications for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2022. The program is closed. Contact their offices after 8-1-22 for the availability of new benefits.

Please note: All applications must be printed and mailed in.

If you receive assistance from any of the following programs, please print, complete and mail the application below:

SNAP –  Temporary Family Assistance – Husky: A, C or D (Medicaid) – State Supplement – SAGA



Contact Information:


Phone: 860-713-2507

Address: 450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 702, Hartford, CT 06103

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Other programs offered by The Department of Agriculture:

FERAL CAT GRANT PROGRAM: A program to assist non-profit rescue groups with the sterilization and vaccination of feral cats and administered by the APCP.

MUNICIPAL POUND PET PROGRAM: Vaccination and sterilization benefits for any dog or cat adopted from a municipal impound facility in Connecticut (Town/City Animal Controls) that has not be previously spayed or neutered. Program goals are to reduce pet overpopulation, reduce the spread of rabies and other diseases through immunizations, and subsequently increase the effectiveness of local Animal Control Departments through education and law enforcement.

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